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Randolph-Macon Athletic Mission Statement

Intercollegiate Athletics at Randolph-Macon supports the academic and educational missions of the college. We endeavor to develop the mi nd and character of our students by challenging them during practices and contests to communicate effectively as well as to think analytically and critically. 

Our students will experience and appreciate the creative process, by developing qualities of leadership, and synthesizing what they know with who they are. The intercollegiate athletic programs provide students that have the necessary skills, commitment, time and dedication the opportunity to compete at a level above the intramural, club or purely recreational.

Women and men are provided equal opportunity to develop life skills through the competitive experiences that emphasize personal growth, teamwork, sportsmanship and loyalty. We are dedicated to academic achievement, athletic excellence and enriching the campus and surrounding community.

The standards and philosophy of both the NCAA Division III and Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) are embraced. Included are good sportsmanship, ODAC competitiveness, achievement and respect. Working within our resources, we strive to make participation opportunities available to those students who have the motivation to make the necessary commitment to their team mates, coaches and college community. 

Coaches are educators held to the same high standards as the Faculty of the college. In their specialized form of teaching, they will work with their students towards improvement of the skill se t related to their sport.

They also work with the students in enhancing a life long value set that includes the importance of commitment to common goals, comp etitiveness, character building and appreciating winning and losing as an educational experience.

Coaches often mentor athletes and help them navigate through the challenges all students face as a part of the college years. The coaches also work closely with our sports medicine staff and the Counseling Center to promote the physical and emotional safety and well-being of every student-athlete.

Our intercollegiate program enhances the overall quality of a Randolph-Macon education. It improves the connection to campus life; and acts as a catalyst for bringing the students and our local and proud alumni communities together for a common cause through a healthy and spirited social activity that all can enjoy as spectators or participants.