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 Randolph-Macon College Sports Medicine
(804) 752-3215
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Mission Statement:
Randolph-Macon College Sports Medicine Department strives for an athlete-centered approach to healthcare, utilizing current evidence-based research to drive prevention, evaluation, treatment, and return to play for all of our athletes.
About us:
Randolph-Macon College Sports Medicine strives to provide the best possible care for our 18 Varsity Sports teams. The Sports Medicine department is dedicated to utilizing evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care to treat the whole athlete, putting the athlete’s well being first. The Sports Medicine staff works under the direction of a local sports medicine doctor. The five certified athletic trainers utilize an extensive network of physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, chiropractors, sport psychologists and other health care professionals in order to provide effective and efficient referrals to specialists.
A point of emphasis within our department is keeping up with emerging practices, current research, and professional development. Prevention of injury, functional rehabilitation and use of various manual therapies are cornerstones of our practice. 
It is also a priority of the sports medicine department to provide educational opportunities for our student athletes, local sports medicine fellows, local orthopedic sports medicine fellows, and undergraduate internships. 
Hours of Operation:
Weekday hours: The Staub Athletic Training Center is open M-F 10-2:30 for evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and prehabilitation. Availability outside those designated times varies based on practice and game schedules. Specific appointments can be made with your primary athletic trainer via email.
Weekend hours: The Staub Athletic Training Center is open weekends 2 hours before games, 1 hour before practice and 30 min after game or practice conclusion.