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R-MC Volleyball Recruit Headquarters


Message from Coach Rogers:

We are always looking for top athletes who are interested in playing for championships while pursuing a top academic degree in College.  I love the team dynamic that we have built over the years.  Our players are all capable of playing volleyball at a high level and they are excellent citizens.  We look for athletes who are respectful and supportive of their teammates and who want a competitive volleyball environment.  

Our team goals are always to win the conference championship and extend our season deep into the NCAA tournament. 

We encourage you to go to some college matches and see for yourself our level of play.  So many people contact us and say they are “a good fit” for our program but who have never seen a college match. 

We would encourage you to send us video of your club play and your club schedule.  We would like to know your GPA and SAT/ACT scores if available.  

We prefer to hear from you directly and with a personal email and not through a “service” or from your parents.  Although I respect your parents interest in helping you become recruited, we really need to hear from you and learn more about your athletic ability, your personality and character. 

If you are interested in our program, the best way to get to know us and our campus is to attend our prospect camp in the summer. 

For any interested recruits, please email with a profile, upcoming schedule and any current video footage.


 Coach Rogers talks with player


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